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Mission of Love

Caring for each other. This Christmas don't let anger define you. Don't let hatefulness be in your heart. Don't argue. Don't stop celebrating the season! Wear a mask when you are out and about to show that you care for others. It's not the fix all...but it is about caring enough to say without saying a word... "I am wearing my mask to slow down this COVID19 so that I won't spread it to you and maybe you won't spread it to me... And that I care enough about the people that may come behind me." This is the season of love and caring and reaching out. For me and my faith, Jesus showed us how to love one another with great compassion. Lets do this together and wear our masks when we are in public places to move forward. Go look at lights. Call one another. Send a special gift. Choose joy over sadness. Choose to be a light in this world. It just doesn't take that much to be a light in the middle of darkness. Light your candle. Go light the world.

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