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Living Through the Loss

Living Through the Loss of a loved one.

First of all losing a loved one is one of the deepest sorrows we can experience. Jesus was the perfect example of grieving a loss of a loved one when Lazarus died. He wept. Grieve and let your self grieve. Jesus knew He would see Lazarus again yet he cried. I image in my mind the Jesus who loved Lazarus was on his knees, tears flowing, breath stopping pain searing in his chest and mind and heart. He was so saddened by His loss that there is no better example that we also can grieve that deeply. The pain of loss is overwhelming at times. There is no shame in mourning our loss.

Secondly: Healing through the loss means we will experience deep pain. It will sear through our minds, our hearts, our thoughts, our every moment. We have to endure the pain and hold on in the waves of grief so we can heal from our loss.

Thirdly: There is no magic moment when you have arrived and the pain of loss will be gone. But, there is healing in hope that every tear that falls, every moment we step forward, every word we speak of the person we love and lost, and every prayer we pray, that we are making steps in the healing journey.

Lastly: Healing is a journey from shock, to denial, to bargaining with God, the what if's, the maybe's, the why's, the anger, the isolation, the tears, the loneliness, the learning to take steps in today without the one we love and learning to walk this earth without that person. It may be a father, mother, brother, daughter, son, spouse, friend, and a pet even that we miss so deeply. Give yourself grace because sometimes not only does grief cut deeply but it may bring up old wounds, losses, pains that will need to be worked through. This is all normal and be sure to reach out for help. Speak your needs and seek out friends, family, pastoral support, prayer warriors, a counselor, support groups, therapist or your doctor for help. Remember this is a life time journey that can be walked but you don't have to be alone doing it. The Lord is patient with us. So, be patient with yourself in your healing. There is no one length of time that is packaged for loss. It will take time and know that this journey isn't what we asked for but it is the one we are in and we are not alone. You are not alone. God does desire to comfort you. Let him love you. You may see Him in others or in places or peace when it doesn't make sense to be at peace. Be willing to receive God's comfort, see it in the small places and little things and people. Ask for God to pour out his Love for you in a way that you know its only from Him. Grief and loss will be part of each of our lives at one point or another. You can learn to Live through the Loss. Remember it is one step at a time with Living through the Loss.


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