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About ME

fun facts

  •  I Grew up in a small town of 500 in Florence, Kansas.

  • I Married my college sweetheart in 1985.

  • My husband grew up in Burundi, Africa as a missionary kid.

  • I have 2 adult children:  Chelsea and Corbin

  • I have 2 wonderful grandchildren: Judah  Benjamin and Ruthie Grace

  • My favorite Holiday:  Christmas.  I decorate every room in the house.

  • I Love fishing!

  • I Volunteers with Covington Animal Rescue Effort

  • My favorite Vacation Spot: Branson, Mo




Arkansas: Licensed Professional Counselor

 Tennessee:  Licensed Professional Counselor Mental Health Service Provider



*National Certified Counselor*

901 476-6759 ext 104 or

901 586-6317

3865 Beaver Rd  Munford, Tipton County 38058
1390 Hwy 51 North  Covington, TN 38019

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