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Boomers-GenZ: Show some love.

Where there is a shred of understanding there is a nest of acceptance to be created. Gen Z's are trying to navigate this world and figure out their, "we are going to change the world" just as the Boomers wanted to change their world at the same age. Boomers wanted their dreams and so do the Gen Z's. But there is a generational bashing that is taking place and it is coming from both generations shamefully. This is the electronic world now and the world is at the GenZ's fingertips and it has been since birth. There is a bigger world view than back when we had the Encyclopedia's, TV, radio and just the newspaper. So, things are changing faster and there are more opinions, thoughts and probably a wider world view in general. But, that doesn't mean that the Boomers are throw away people either. There is life experience, changes they are still being made, and life to be enjoyed, lived and expressed. Give a hand to the younger generation. Be accepting that the GenZ's are may have different ideas than Boomers at this point in life. The same message goes for the GenZ's. Give a hand to the Boomers. You may be amazed at how much the Boomer may want to help you out in life! There is a joint effort that needs to be made by all generations to live together in a world where differences are accepted, encouraged and it may surprise each person how much there is in common. I was recently asked how I felt about being called a Boomer. Well, I just laughed because I know that I fall (barely) in that generation group and I don't get caught up into groupings. I just wonder if we each take time to hear each other out and listen without demanding that the other group "see it our way or they are wrong" mentality how much happier and united we could all become in this wonderful world of ours. It's okay to be different. It's not okay to tear each other down just because of a grouping we happen to be in that we didn't have any control over when we were born. See each other through love and acceptance faults and all... peace can then fill all of us and together we can build a world that is more than our differences. Show some love.


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