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Enough is Enough, Take Care of You.

If you struggle with feeling as if "Never Enough" rings like a gong in your head then you are not alone. Over achievers have this gong going off a lot. People that are fix it people, compassionate, giving and loving actually struggle with 'never enough' because there is never enough time and energy to help everyone. There is always someone in need. Someone with an opinion. There is always someone that needs loved. The struggle is finding the balance with helping and the message of "never enough." You are enough! You are making a difference! You are giving! You are compassionate! But, that stinky little voice in the back of your head can creep in that says... Are you sure? Did you do enough? Do you feel guilty yet? Have you really gone the extra mile? And then there are people who super impose unwarranted guilt by saying things like... You used to do this. Why can't you? But, I need. But, I want. How come? So, when you have to say no to the GONG of Never Enough... do not let others or the stinky voice of false guilt swim into your space. Unfortunately, not everyone will understand your no. Not everyone will understand your need for self care. It's okay... the important thing is, do you see it? You cannot pour from an empty vessel. So, don't let you run dry! Fill up with the peace that surpasses all understanding. Fill up with joyful events in your life. Fill up with quiet moments. Fill up with time with loved ones or pets. Fill up with rest. Take care of the Never Enough with I am Enough thinking. You are precious! You are enough!

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