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Election Stress: 4 ways to deal with it.

There is a lot more stress in America with the elections and people do become stressed, depressed, moody and emotional during elections. So what do you do for yourself?

First: Go vote. It is your freedom to do so! You do not have to share with others what or who you are voting for or against. And then stay away from the election media... limit the stress of it all. You stressing isn't going to change results. Go watch a comedy, movie or just hang out with friends that don't want to be consumed with the election.

Second: Think about the fact that election stress is kind of normal. Loads of people get stress from all the media hype, the opinions that flow rampantly and social media activity. Just are not alone. Election Stress has been around a long time.

Third: Think about how much you have in common with people that have the opposite thought than you have in the elections. I know... sounds outlandish but when we find common ground, we find a great understanding for one another even when we disagree.

Fourth: Give yourself time for peace. Say the serenity prayer or a prayer of grace and peace. When we pray... mighty things happen including receiving our peace in the journey.

So, take care of yourself. Don't dwell on what you can or cannot change and then accept the changes that happen. If your vote won your position? Great! Don't gloat. If your vote didn't win your position. Don't allow yourself to go into an angry, saddened space that you can't seem to get out of. If you do...see a therapist and let them go with you through the emotions you are experiencing so they don't get stuck and they can be productive for you!

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