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Truth & Myths Of EMDR

Myth 1: Because people are not aware of it people think it's only been around for a little while. Not so! EMDR is a therapy that was developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro with the connection with bi lateral movement and disturbing thoughts. Myth 2: It's just moving and wiggling your fingers around. No, has been extensively studied with how the brain stores and re-stores information. It's a process of progressive steps and the bi-lateral movement is just one element of the therapy. Myth 3: It's not been research. WRONG! It has had so much research over the years that it is a very successful therapy used for PTSD/trauma related and more issues that is recognized by the World Health Organization, The Military and APA! Go take a look, as googling it you will find a wealth of research history. Myth 4: It's a one and done therapy. Not so. There is an intensive information gathering and preparation stage before the actual trauma work begins. Preparation is a huge key to success. Myth 5: It's hypnosis. NOPE! Not even close. EMDR allows the brain to access the stuck thoughts and the disturbances associated with real events get reprocessed that have been stuck. EMDR is very client centered. The client helps write the treatment plan to the pace of the therapy.

If you have struggled with not being able to work through life issues, depression struggles, anxiety struggles, phobias and more... there is hope for you! Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we have stuck thoughts and we need to give the brain the ability to utilize the tools it has to help heal itself. My DNA thought is that God wired our brains amazingly and given the right tools we are able to now utilize the EMDR therapy to help so many clients that cannot seem to themselves to heal or to figure out what's going on or force themselves to change. We are amazingly made and the brain is so complex that we often overlook that neuroscience that is proven to help the brain "unlock" or "release" stuck disturbances. EMDR is a counseling approach that allows this to happen. There is hope!

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