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Are you a Stoner?

Caught your attention? Stones take the shape of all kinds of painful sizes and are thrown for a variety of reasons. Stones are something like this. Stone 1: Judging what others say and do Stone 2: Criticizing 3. Gossip 4. Bullying 5. Hate filled belittling. 6. Because someone looks different than you. 7. Because someone is from another culture. 8. Because someone doesn't have the same understanding as you do. 9. Political differences 10. Selfishness ... and the list goes on. So, are you a stoner? Or do you sit by when someone else is throwing stones at another and do nothing to make it stop? If you throw these stones... you are a stoner. It isn't about the other person at all but it is about you. This isn't something new. Stoning has been around for centuries even back to Biblical days of judgment and people were stoned for wrong doing. So the question is... Are you without faults? Are you without mistakes?

We all struggle with our own issues.

Break the cycle. Get help if you are a stoner because it not only hurts others but it hurts you too. Don't be a stoner.

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