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Counseling Tension

Counseling Tension is not unusual and usually should be expected. With counseling often comes the "it can get worse before it gets better" experience. When one goes to counseling it can be because life has become too much to bear or confusing, a loss, anxiety, depression, relational issues and more. Counseling can help resolve inner turmoils or relational ones. BUT! There is a time in this process that sometimes it "feels worse" and that is often where work is beginning to happen. This is when one begins to open up, is more open and honest with self or others, experiences change that sometimes is painful or wanting to bury the issue instead of opening it up and more. Just remember, often those moments are the stepping stones to learning to overcome and become stronger, see a better you, building that relationship you want to build and more. So, don't quit in the middle of the tension. Work with your counselor/therapist to see the other side. You are worth it! Your relationship is worth it! You are worth it...

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