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Step Away to Step Forward.

Step Away from life's busy challenges. Step Away from negativity. Step Away from those that pressure you to be someone you are not. Step away from the challenges that might seem overwhelming. Step away from people that simply want to challenge you because they simply have a different view point and can't respect yours. Step Away from the bills on the table. Step Away from the laundry that needs done. Step Away to Step Forward. Often we get go caught up with life that we forget to step away so that we can take care of the life we have been given. Life is a journey that should be enjoyed and sometimes we let life get in the way with living. So, step away. Find a quiet place. Take a vacation. Say no to anyone that is bringing negativity into your already busy life. Then close your eyes. Meditate. Pray. Relax.

Enjoy the sounds, the breeze, the moment. Keep your mind focused on the here and now. Be in the moment. For you to step forward you may need to step away even if it is just a little while and do it every day if you can. Step away so you can step forward.

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