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Social Media Inspiration from Exasperation

The people, circumstances or events in life that challenge us the most can end up being inspiration for ourselves or others. The question is... What do you do with the situations that exasperate you? We often see a plethora of blasts on social media about people or circumstances. I'm guilty of it too. There is often the complaining, the detailed events or people that have wronged us that are plastered out or perhaps a sarcastic meme to detail our frustrations. Sometimes it is the writing of illnesses, challenges or loss of loved ones, angry spouse posts, angry sibling posts or the lovely passive aggressive ones that end with, "you know who you are" after a scathing post. Yes, life exasperates all of us. We have a need to vent or release from the stress. But, why stop there? Often once the event or situation is resolved, there is a quick.. Amen or thank you to everyone that posted positives or concerns. But, why not finish the story? Work to resolve the situation and sometimes that resolve doesn't mean everything is hunky dory but a situation is survivable and they have a story to tell. Post about the resolution or the journey to peace and be an inspiration! Yes, there may be others going through the same exact thing and they may need to know they can be an inspiration from what they are going through. Maybe you went through a job loss. Talk about the journey to the next one and the hardships and how you made it to the other side. Maybe you had a loss and talk about the steps in your journey to take the next step. If we all took a little time to go beyond the exasperation we would be able to inspire others. It's about being a community that goes beyond ourselves to inspire. Take a minute and give the other side of your story in this journey called life. You never know who will be inspired because of your journey. #sharinglife

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