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Is Being Cherished Still Alive?

The definition of cherished is "to hold something dear to your heart." So, is it just an old fashioned term? Or can we in this electronic stage of life show someone that they are cherished? Is being cherished something you can do through texting? No, because texting or writing something down is somewhat clinical and can be easily misread. Taken to the movies? No, there is little communication although going to the movies can be fun. So, how in the world can we cherish someone? Spend time with them. Hold their hand. Give a foot massage unexpectedly. Hold your wife and dance in the living room to soft music from a treasured era when she walks in the door. Touch each others faces when you talk to them in a loving way. Speak words of adornment and blessings. Do something unexpected just for that other person and make sure you let them know they are a blessing to you. If you are a couple that prays together, do it more often. Pray blessings over the other spouse. Cherish is alive and well. The question is... Are you doing it?


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