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Crooked Tree in LIfe

Life is like being the crooked tree. Wouldn't we all like to be the tall oak or the majestic sequoia trees? They get the sunshine and seem like they reach to heavens. They get the 'ahhhs' of life when looked upon. They seem to have everything a tree should be. But, what about the crooked tree? The crooked tree is often the majestic ones hidden in the forest. They are the tree that bent with the winds of life, struggled to reach the sun, shifted to grow and managed to stay rooted in the storms. They have knots and bends and bark that can tell a story of strength. They have stories to be told and are unique and amazing. So, embrace being the crooked tree in life. If we constantly are looking at the Tall Oaks or the Majestic Sequoia's we will miss the beauty of being the crooked tree.

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