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Be Free to Be You!

Is your hair wonky and your clothes kind of funky? Are your eyes big ,bug eyes or tiny, slit view finders? Do you have curly hair or straight? Do you wear glasses or wear contacts? Do you like converse or just plain ole cheapo shoes? Do you like to swing upside down just because it feels weird? Do you like to cuddle on the sofa in a warm blanket or do you like to dance in the rain without an umbrella? Do you have the Nanny laugh or a snort when you chuckle? Every hair on your head is number. Some have numbers in the thousands and some can count in just the hundreds on their head. No matter what you have, no matter the color of your eyes, no matter what shoe size you wear... Be Free to Be YOU! Just like the zebra... no two zebras are exactly the same. Each one is unique! So, Be Free to Be You! You are wonderful faults and all. Enjoy your uniqueness. You are designed with all the above and so much more. Find what makes you unique and embrace it. Find your place in the world. Things happen. People hurt each other. Deliberately or accidentally people make a mess of things sometimes. But, that doesn't mean you aren't wonderful just the way you are designed! Find your uniqueness and know that it's fabulous! Don't let anyone bully you or tear you down to think that you are anything less than incredible. You are uniquely and wonderfully designed! Be Free to Be You!

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