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Strength Finding

Are you strong enough to rise again? Are you weary and need rest? Strength is a quiet rise above the challenges that we face. Maybe you need a rest both mentally and physically. The mind is the battlefield we fight daily. Some days are easier than others. Be careful what you believe. Sometimes we lie to ourselves. If someone says, you did that wrong, the lie some tell themselves is "I can't do anything right." That is a lie. One, Two or numerous mistakes do not define you. Be of courage and think through what the mind wants you to believe. Be mindful of the thoughts that can randomly or selectively come to your forefront of your thinking. It can create misconceptions and untruths but feel so real. We have to practice being mindful of the thoughts we think including the ones that we think everyone has done to us. Maybe someone was having a bad day and took it out on you. Maybe someone made a choice you don't agree with, that doesn't mean they intentionally were at battle with you. Forgive those that you feel wronged you. You are not doing it for them but you are doing it for yourself. If you hang onto anger, stand on being justified, seeing the wrong in others, getting more ammunition to find fault in others, cursing out the person who made mistakes, gossiping to have others fuel your fire, you will be stuck. Stuck emotionally and in maturity. You will only be hurting yourself in the long run. Being stuck sometimes is simply that we are not able to step back and look at the bigger picture or be able to see others in a positive light because we already have them packaged in our minds as being the transgressors, the ones at fault, the messed up ones. Surely we have no responsibility? Maybe we don't but maybe we do? Maybe the responsibility we have is to not allow ourselves to venture into a place with holds onto anger. What will we gain? It will ruin our day or days and maybe other's days too? Maybe the strength we have is in the power of forgiveness? That doesn't mean you agree with the act that we need to let go of...but it doesn't mean we won't stay stuck in a place that robs us of our joy. Life is worth so much more than sitting in a place of pain... Take time to talk to someone. Seek a counselor or therapist that can walk that journey with you. It doesn't mean you are "nuts" because you see a therapist. It may simply mean you refuse to be weak because your strength is to move forward in life and go down the journey of forgiveness. It literally is one strong step after another.

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