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Empty Nest: Clean the Coop

Kids are gone to college or moved out. Now what? You have just spent the last 18 "ish" years preparing for this time. Ah, Freedom has come! The first few days you might be happy that you can sit in the living room in your jammies, eating ice cream and watching the movie or show of your choice without someone wanting to watch or play a video game. Then a few days later...BAM, it hits you that your child isn't there. They aren't calling you. You start feeling as if you should matter more to them. You try calling and you get the clear impression you are invading the ever focused ego of a college student that they don't have time to talk. The empty nest is here! So, what to do? Well, Clean the Coop! It's your house and your life! Find new things to do, volunteer, plant a garden, ask yourself what you want to do in your spare time? Think about what will bring you joy and fun! Cleaning the Coop requires you to be willing to take control of your emotions, time and home! Go ahead and create a space for your crafting. Make new friends or get the old "mom friend group" out to do some fun things together! Focus on yourself and let your child leave the nest while you clean the coop! If you don't get busy with finding your own peaceful journey, your bound to get your wings clipped by the bird that just left the nest. Discover You! Clean the Coop!

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