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So now what? Losing the Ones We Love.

When we have a family member or a loved one that passes away, Some times it feels like life comes to a screeching halt. The world seems to spin past us as if we are not in the same space or time. Sometimes it feels as if the air itself cannot possibly be breathed in. There is the shock and denial. The processing of it all. The funeral planning is done. The funeral is complete. The ground is fresh with the loved one of our hearts. The next few days can seem like a blur as if a rain blinds our vision. Then when we look, the world seems to have moved on. Cars go by. People have gone back to work. The sun has risen and the moon has followed. So, then what? Shouldn't the world just stop and keep holding our hand? It doesn't though. So, what do we do... how do we process it? Sometimes it takes grieving with someone. Sometimes it is about talking with someone that doesn't put your grief into the "move on" category. Sometimes it takes someone celebrating the person that left you behind. Sometimes it takes talking with someone else to help give you a chance to bring breath back into your lungs, heart and mind. Don't grieve alone. Difficulty with grief doesn't mean that there is "something wrong" with you mentally. It means your world has been changed. A heart is broken. You have to figure out how to move forward without that person you have been talking to for support, daily laughter and just being them. So, don't grieve alone... let a therapist help you walk that journey of loss. May you have peace and rest


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