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Say YES to the NO

Are you one of those people that can't say NO? Do you find yourself taking care of everyone else but you? Do you feel guilty when you tell people no? Are you such a people pleaser that you are doing activities and events because you just can't say no? Say YES to the NO. Yes! It is okay for you to tell people no. You do not need to give a reason. It is very freeing when you realize that saying "YES to the NO" means you get to tell yourself that it is OKAY to tell people no. That doesn't imply being rude or disrespectful or foolish like saying no to your employer in the workplace . What saying "YES to the NO" is that you do not have to please everyone else all the time. You can be a volunteer in something and the next thing you know, you have a 2nd job that is volunteer but now it robs you from person space and time. It is OKAY to Say YES to the NO. Telling someone NO simply is that. Nope. No and no. Not now. I don't want to. I think not. No matter how you say it, no to things that are draining your spirit and consuming your time with things that you don't want to spend time doing, even if it was once a joyful thing is OKAY to do! Take care of you. Time is precious. Even if you don't have anything else to do but do not want to do something you are being asked. It's okay to just say no. For instance, a friend wants you to go with them to the store. What if you just don't want to go to the store and you have nothing planned but to chill out at home. It is okay to say no. You do not have to explain yourself. If you are used to giving in or explaining or giving reasons 'why' you don't want to do something, you will need to self coach yourself to say no and then ward off those thoughts that want to guilt you. You simply need to tell yourself that is is okay to say YES to the NO. Then enjoy your freedom even if that means sitting on the porch with a cup of hot chocolate or hot tea. Say Yes to the no and simply enjoy life. See if you don't find more peace in your day.

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