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Learn how to laugh at yourself.

Ever get too serious about life? Ever feel like you worry all the time? Do you worry what others think of you? Ever feel like your life is stress, stress, stress? So, why is laughter important? Laughter brings happy moments. It's been said to be therapeutic! So find your funny bone and tickle it! How? Watch a tv show or movie that makes you laugh. Enjoy it! Laugh out loud. Go to a comedy show and enjoy the laughter not only of yourself but others! Surround yourself with others that a full of joy and know how to laugh. Do something silly and enjoy it! When my son was young, we would constantly be surprising each other and he would fall on the floor in laughter. His giggles were literally gut rolling funny. Or when he was in high school, he wanted to make a pool in the back of his truck and I was game. We found a couple big tarps, filled his truck up with water and then I drove around letting him have a mobile pool. We laughed so hard that day. Was it totally foolish? Was it a waste of time? Was it a waste of water? No... it was funny. It was laughter. It was hilarious. It was a break from work, tasks, chores and life's struggles. It was just funny. Once in a job at a company where I had an office in a warehouse loft, I was in a dress and went to sit down in my chair and it flipped completely over. I crawled up from my desk and peeked out the window to the warehouse only to see the entire warehouse laughing as they were on break and saw the whole thing. I just took a bow and started laughing profusely. I could have died of embarrassment or just embrace the moment that it was just funny. I was embarrassed as it was a tease for the next week but frankly, it was funny. So, sometimes we have to choose to not take life so seriously. Let those moments that could be taken seriously and make us angry...simply make us laugh. Enjoy being the silly you and laugh!

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