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What Is the Key to Your Heart?

Fear breaks a heart connection

Is the key to your heart only one direction?

Love and kindness build love so fine

Is the key to your heart, giving mine?

Burdened hearts can be so tired

Is the key to your heart simply retired?

A hate filled heart simply is locked tight.

Is the key needing some love filled light?

A grieving heart sits ever so still sadly..

Is the key a loving word you need so badly?

A moms tears fill her night.

Is the key a word from a child without a bite?

A relationship that is ended for all

Is the key to your heart just a catch all?

For when you love with a full heart

Someone might steal the peace from your heart.

That peace may be gone for just a short time.

The key may be to to uplift that person so fine.

Grace is the key to happiness, forgiveness and joy in your heart.

So share your heart today for a fresh new start.

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