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10 Ways to Add Joy in Your Life.

Everyone wants more joy and happiness to bring light into our hearts and minds. The world is full of negativity, horrific stories and downright depressing. Everyone appears to be looking for joy. I'm with you totally. So, what are 10 ways we can so simple things to fill our day with even moments of joy? Give a few a try and then be mindful of your experience.

(1.) Get in the habit of doing something for someone else. Be deliberate and don't expect a "thank you" to get your attention to the joy you get from simply doing a kind deed. (2.) If you have children, stop and play. Just put the laundry down, put the chores on hold and just play. What a delightful joy you will experience. (3.) Get out in nature! There is a wonderful grounding you can get with being in nature and breathing in the fresh air and the sun bringing down the warmth and vitamin D. (4.) Visit a person you know is lonely. This isn't texting or a phone call..go see them. Hold their hand, listen to an old story and give someone a bit of your heart and time. (5.) Get an animal if you don't have one. If you don't want to own your own pet, foster one for a rescue group. Animals are incredibly loving and you get unconditional love from pets. If you help a rescue, you are not only loving an abandoned or neglected pet but you get love back. You get to be a part of making a difference and making our world a little better! (6.) Make a gift for someone. So many have craft abilities and don't use them. Try it! Art is very therapeutic for the spirit. (7.) Treat yourself to a great book. (8.) Dance! If you can't dance, just skip or move and laugh along the journey. (9.) Listen to uplifting music (10.) Pay a compliment to a total stranger. Try it 4 or 5 times a day with a smile. Not only do you get to bring your day joy but you may just be the joy that another person needs to have to uplift their day. If we would all just apply one or two of these

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