June 19, 2018

The people, circumstances or events  in life that challenge us the most can end up being inspiration for ourselves or others.  The question is... What do you do with the situations that exasperate you?  We often see a plethora of blasts on social media about people or...

June 12, 2018

If the Blame Game was like a board game, what would it look like?  Would it have a space for "Your Honest, advance to the nearest Love bank."  "You blamed your spouse for 'everything' so go to the Emotional Jail, Do not pass go."    Park Place is where you park your em...

May 30, 2018

I am not a dog therapist.  I don't have any certifications in canine therapy, service dogs or therapy dogs.  But, I will have to share that the facts about the comfort of a dog and how that affects people in therapy as being pretty wonderful.  If you struggle with depr...

May 24, 2018

National Suicide Prevention Hotline  1-800-273-8255


1.  Stay Close:  families often feel stigmatized. 

2. Avoid Hollow Reassurances: "Don't tell the family member that 'things will get better' because all they will think is that your not h...

May 11, 2018

1.) Listen to Music - It's the Brain break

2.) Meditation/Prayer -  Issue Release that bog you down.

3.) Play Games -  It can get your mind off life stresses.

4.) Take a Walk - Go to a beautiful place and breath it in.

5.) Aromatherapy - The senses engage in the relaxation...

May 1, 2018

Does your family have discord, disagreements, hurt feelings, being mean to each other or down and out fights?  So what is the Missing Peace?  Every family can make  list of missing peace and usually there are missing pieces to working things out together as a family....

April 24, 2018

Humor?  Just how important is humor in ones life?   At the University of Kentucky there was a study done on humor.  It shared that children laugh approximately 300 times a day on the average compared to an adult that laughs only 17 times a day average.   Adults between...

April 18, 2018

The definition of cherished is "to hold something dear to your heart."    So, is it just an old fashioned term?  Or can we in this electronic stage of life show someone that they are cherished?  Is being cherished something you can do through texting?  No, because text...

April 17, 2018

So why hold hands?  Holding hands is a healthy move!

1.  Lowers your blood pressure!  It promotes a healthy body by creating that safe and comfortable feeling.  2. It expresses Love which creates a connection.  3. Holding hands relieves stress.  When holding hands it re...

April 10, 2018

Life is like being the crooked tree.  Wouldn't we all like to be the tall oak or the majestic sequoia trees?  They get the sunshine and seem like they reach to heavens.  They get the 'ahhhs' of life when looked upon. They seem to have everything a tree should be.   But...

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